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Prof. Aniceto Belmonte is a lecturer in Electromagnetic Optics and Photonics at Technical University of Catalonia, BarcelonaTech, where he and his research collaborators are working on new methods and techniques for free-space optical communications, laser remote sensing, and coherent imaging. His work is focused on research and development of new, multidisciplinary approaches for the analysis and implementation of sophisticated information photonic systems. Applications range from remote information gathering to effective information sharing in space communications.  


Aniceto received his equivalent BS, MS degrees in Physics from University of Barcelona and his PhD degree in Engineering Physics from BarcelonaTech. From 1998 to 2001, Aniceto hold a postdoctoral position as a Guest Researcher at U.S. NOAA Optical Remote Sensing Lab, in Boulder, Colorado. Later, from 2007 to 2008, he was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford Optical Communications Group, in Stanford University, California.

Research Interests

Aniceto is a researcher with a large experience in technical and scientific projects, an extent background on end-to-end photonic system characterization, and working knowledge of coherent free-space laser communications and heterodyne light remote sensing. His research achievements are primarily in the field of photonics, especially in the development of coherent methods and techniques for laser communication and laser radar systems. Aniceto has written extensively in these areas of research, and most recently on the role of spatial multiplexing and spatial diversity in the performance of coherent receivers.




Supervision and Teaching

Aniceto supervises research at Masters and PhD level. He is particularly interested in supervising projects that focus on areas related to photonic systems gathering and exchanging information: free-space coherent optical communications, light remote sensing and imaging, related applications of phase-structured light beams, adaptive compensation techniques, information methods in photonic systems.


Aniceto responsibilities also include teaching expertise on electromagnetic optics and photonics. Additionally, he coordinates a course on radiation and antennas solutions for communication systems.

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